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Who is responsible for the replacement of a valve that breaks while the Utility changes the meter?
The valves that isolate the water meter are considered part of the customer's plumbing. Per the Wauwatosa Code Chapter 13.04.370, all piping within the building must be supplied by the owner. If while operating these valves to replace or repair a water meter the valve is damaged (or more typically a small leak develops), it is the customer's responsibility to have the valve repaired or replaced.
A valve that has not been exercised over a long period of time may develop a dripping type leak. In this situation, the customer should seek the help of a licensed plumber to make the repairs.
If you have any questions related to the water piping and valve ownership or areas of responsibility, please contact the City of Wauwatosa's Water Superintendent at 414-479-8965, or you may visit the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin's website at

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