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Police Department

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1. Can I park my car on the street overnight?
2. What should I do with old or expired medications in my house?
3. Where do I go to pay a ticket (including parking)?
4. How do I apply for a block party permit?
5. If I lock my keys in my car, can the Police Department help me?
6. Where do I go for Municipal Court and when is it held?
7. Where is the Police Department located?
8. What are the hours and phone numbers for the Police Department?
9. Are there always officers on patrol?
10. How many officers and support staff are on the Police Department?
11. Are Wauwatosa Police Officers required to be Wauwatosa residents?
12. How many Calls for Service does the Police Department handle a year?
13. If I have a minor car accident, should I still call the police?
14. What should I do if my pet runs away?
15. How do I find out about registered sex offenders in my community?
16. What is a False Alarm and why is there a penalty?
17. Does Wauwatosa Offer Fingerprinting Services?

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