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Tent Permit Application

Does a tent require a permit?
Yes, The City of Wauwatosa chooses to enforce this option and mandates that any tent 400 square feet (20 x 20) or greater shall require a permit.  Failure to obtain proper permits shall result in a double permit fee. (Comm 62.3103)

Whose responsibility is it to obtain a permit?
It is always the installer’s responsibility to obtain the proper permits.

How do I apply for a permit?
A permit can be obtained by filling out an application and submitting it with the proper permits fees and a site plan to the Wauwatosa Fire Prevention Bureau.  When applying for a permit, make sure to include the dates when the tent will be erected and taken down and the sizes of the tents.  The Wauwatosa Fire Prevention Bureau must receive the permit application at least three business days prior to erecting the tent.  Click here to download a copy of the tent permit applicaiton. 

What requirements do I need to follow when the tent is up?

  1. The permit shall be on site and available for inspection.
  2. Automotive equipment that is used in connection with any tent may not be parked within 20 ft of the tent except by special permission.  All other automotive equipment and internal combustion engines maybe parked or located within 50 ft except upon public streets.
  3. Flammable or combustible liquids may not be stored in a tent nor less than 50 ft from any tent used for public assembly. 
  4. Hay, straw and other flammable material may not be less than 35 feet from any tent, except by special permission.
  5. Waste and refuse shall be stored in approved containers or removed from the premises.
  6. Smoking is prohibited in any tent.  “NO SMOKING” signs shall be conspicuously posted.
  7. All tent fabric shall be flame resistant.  A certificate or report shall be submitted to serve as evidence that the tent fabric materials have the required flame resistance.
  8. A minimum of a 10 lb ABC fire extinguisher is required.
  9. Exit signs shall be required when the tent has side enclosures.
  10. An electrical permit shall be obtained when required.  Contact the City of Wauwatosa Buildings and Safety Division at (414) 479-8907 for additional information.
  11. Additional permits are required for LP tanks and Flammable or combustible liquids.
  12. All heating and cooking equipment shall require approval of the AHJ.

Will an inspection be required?
Yes, a member of the Wauwatosa Fire Department will do an inspection when the tent is erected to verify that specific code requirements are being met.  Installing a tent requires more than just obtaining a permit.  There are many life safety issues that require attention.  The Wauwatosa Fire Prevention Bureau may require changes or additions if conditions arise making them necessary for code compliance.

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