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The Village Redevelopment - Phase 2 January 20, 2017
Project Information

Construction to shift to storm sewer from State St to Menomonee River

Progress Update:
The contractor will be shifting their focus to the construction of the storm sewer from intersection of State St and Wauwatosa Ave to the new Menomonee River outfall.

• Once staging is complete, there will be notice of a State Street closure for the installation of a new manhole. Much of this work effort will be under the railroad track and through the park near the volleyball courts to a new storm water outfall in the Menomonee River.

• The west end of the Hart Park Lane will be closed to parking and will only have limited access during the three month construction window.

• The walking/bike path will be temporarily relocated through the parking area.

• Work on the installation of the new 42” storm sewer on the west side of 74th Street from Blanchard to State Street is expected to last three to four weeks.

• Work on St. James and east end of Blanchard is complete until the road work later this spring.

• This spring contractor will return to install curb, gutter, new road surface and repair sidewalks in St James, Blanchard and 74th St. At that time they will install new lighting as well.

• See Letter from Water Department regarding flushing pipes after service restoration.

• Keep an eye out for door hangers from MJ Construction.  The door hangers will alert you to work near your property in the upcoming days.

• As a general rule, equipment with tires can be moved.  If access is blocked, please make an effort to contact the construction crew and kindly ask for a piece of equipment to be temporarily moved to provide the necessary access. 

• Plowing operations are coordinated between the City Department of Public Works and MJ Construction. 

• All schedule projections are weather dependent and may require adjustments.

If you have immediate needs or concerns, please contact Justin Leszczynski of MJ Construction. Justin is the Project Manager overseeing all MJ crews and will be able to address concerns and/or coordinate access needs for a specific property.  Justin’s phone number is 414.322.9251.

The City also has a Construction Manager overseeing the project with the city inspectors. Bob Warren’s phone number is 414.416.7198.

Here is the Contractor Proposed Schedule for the next three weeks (02/16/2017).

Please use caution when driving through these work sites for the safety of the workers and pedestrians.

Want to be up to date on What's Happening:
Please utilize the “Notify Me” alert system available through the City’s website to receive email or text notifications of construction activities and project updates.
Use the attached link to sign up for the Village/State Street Streetscaping Project at "Notify Me":

Project Scope and Design Information

Phase 2 Project Scope 2016-2017 

State St Alternate Route Map


Project Overview

As part of the planned State Street reconstruction project the City has taken a comprehensive approach to evaluating design solutions for the entire Village area. Since February of 2015 there have been 35 public meetings on this project seeking community input about goals and objectives for the Village, as well as, feedback on design concepts from the general public, surrounding neighborhood associations, The Village Business Improvement District and City engineers and planners. Phase 1 involved working on the Village center. 

We are currently constructing Phase 2 which is the area surrounding the new State Street Station project including Blanchard and St James from 74th Street to 72nd Street (See Project Scope Map below).

• The project scope for the Phase 2 area scheduled for 2016/2017 construction is: sanitary and storm sewer construction, water main construction, asphalt repaving and reconstruction including concrete curb and gutter replacement.
• This will also include street lighting, landscaping, pavement markings, signage, and site furnishings.
• November 2016 - Phase 2 construction started so the underground utility work can be completed before the ground freezes.
• January 2017 – tunnel to be bored under the railroad tracks
• March 2017 – complete the storm sewer from railroad tracks to the river
• August 2017 – all road work will be completed including street lighting and landscaping
• October 2017 – State Street Wauwatosa Ave intersection completed

What's Next?
The design team is currently working on Phase 3 which includes Wauwatosa Avenue from State Street north to the Harmonee intersection, including Harwood Avenue and the design for Pocket Park and Root Common. The scope includes Underwood and Harmonee to the Menomonee River Parkway intersection to coincide with the proposed mixed-use development on the northwest corner (the old fire station property). The project will involve the ongoing discussions for the Railroad Crossing at 74th Street. This work is anticipated for to be bid in the spring of 2017 and constructed during the summer and early fall of 2017.

Contact for Project Information:
David Jaeckels
Construction Communication Liaison
City of Wauwatosa

Project Archives 

Additional information from past meetings:
2017_02_10 Contractor proposed 3-week schedule
2017_02_02 Contractor proposed 3-week schedule
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2017_01_19 Contractor Proposed 3-week Schedule
2017_01_12 Contractor Proposed 3-week Schedule
2017_01_05 Contractor Proposed 3-week Schedule
2016_12_22 Contractor proposed 3-week Schedule
2016_12_15 Contractor proposed 3-week Schedule
2016_12_08 Contractor proposed 3-week Schedule
2016_12_01 Contractor Proposed 3-week Schedule
2016_11_23 Contractor Proposed 3-week Schedule
2016_11_14 Contractor Proposed 3-week Schedule

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