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File an Appeal
Making the Decision to File an Appeal
  • Allow the Assessor's office staff to view your property before you decide whether to appeal your assessment by using the property review request form. Sometimes a formal hearing before the Board of Review can be avoided by meeting our Assessor's staff first.
  • Failure to allow the Assessor's office staff to view your property means your objection will not be scheduled for hearing before the Board of Review.      
  • The best indicator of market value is a recent arm's length sale of the subject property.
  • Actual sales of comparable properties are the next best suitable evidence of the value of the subject property.
  • The Objection to Real Property Assessment form and the Personal Property Objection form are available online and in paper form at the City Clerk's office. If, after meeting with the Assessor's staff, you are still unsatisfied with your property's assessment, complete and file the objection form at the City Clerk's office. 
  • The Agent Authorization form is also available online or in paper form at the City Clerk's office. 

About the Hearing
  • You will receive written notice of the date and time of your hearing before the Board.
  • You will be asked to provide a copy, before your hearing, of the documents you will be presenting to the Board during your hearing.
  • If you submit an appraisal, the appraiser must be present at the hearing for follow-up questioning.
  • You will have the opportunity to question the assessor.
  • Per state statute, the assessed value is presumed to be correct; it is your responsibility to prove that the property is over-assessed in comparison with similar property in Wauwatosa. You should have considerable information that is relevant to the market value of your property. This may include a recent arm's length sale of your property, or recent sales of comparable properties
  • The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has a Guide for Property Owners that contains more information.  
  • You may find the Board of Review Rules and Procedures helpful.

For more information, please contact the City Clerk's office at (414) 479-8917 | Email or the City Assessor's office at (414) 479-8969. | Email

Steps to File a Formal Objection
  • Submit the completed objection forms to the City Clerk as soon as you decide to appeal your assessment. The form must be filed before or during the first two hours of the Board of Review's first meeting after the assessment roll is complete. Real Property Assessment Objection form or the Personal Property Assessment Objection form are available in paper format at the City Clerk's Office. 
  • The Board of Review's initial meeting date for 2018 has not yet been set. 
  • If you do not submit the form immediately, give the City Clerk notice of your intent to file an objection form at least 48 hours before the Board of Review's first scheduled meeting after the assessment roll is complete.
  • Objections may proceed to a formal hearing before the Board of Review and are typically held  after the second Monday in May. Similar to a court, the Board of Review has the responsibility for resolving differences of opinion of valuation. The Board of Review hears oral testimony and evidence presented by the property owner and the Assessor's staff. After hearing the evidence, the Board of Review may lower, raise, or sustain the assessment.

Please view the Property Assessment Appeal Guide for Wisconsin Real Property Owners.

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