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Safe Routes to School
Safe Routes to School
Our Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program aims to make it safer for students to walk and bike to school.  The City of Wauwatosa, schools, community groups and families all play a role in maintaining a successful SRTS program that utilizes education, encouragement, engineering (changes to the physical environment) and enforcement to improve safety for students traveling to school.
We are committed to our continued involvement in improvements in all SRTS initiatives.  We recently completed a Pilot project to aide students and parents make informed decisions about their safest route to Wilson Elementary and Saint Jude the Apostle Schools.  The project included evaluation of routes to these schools utilizing a Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to determine optimal routes to school, areas for potential physical improvements, and locations to utilize crossing guards. You can view the GIS Application by clicking here.  Because the GIS Application was very well received by those involved we have partnered with the Wauwatosa School District and will be implementing this GIS Application for all schools located within Wauwatosa in the Spring of 2018.

School Crossing Guards

A crossing guard service is an integral piece of the SRTS initiative so we provide crossing guards (through a contract with a private company) for school children attending public and private schools in Wauwatosa. There are 35 crossing guard locations throughout the city. | Map of Crossing Guard Locations

For more information about the Crossing Guard Program, please contact the Administration Office
at (414) 479-8915. | Email 

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