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Traffic & Electrical Division
Street Lights and Traffic Signals
Randy Michelz
Traffic & Electrical Superintendent

11100 W. Walnut Rd.
Wauwatosa, WI  53226

Ph: (414) 471-8422

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 3:30 pm
We are responsible for all repairs and maintenance for:
  • Street lights
  • Traffic Signals
  • Road signs

It is difficult for us to know when a street light is out, a traffic signal isn't working properly or a road sign has fallen. We appreciate your help in this matter by contacting us.

Doing some digging in your yard? Contact Diggers Hotline first.
Direct buried street light and traffic signal cables are generally located back of the curb or at the sidewalk. If you are excavating in these areas or any other areas of your yard you need to contact Diggers Hotline so that city crews and other agencies can come out and mark the utilities before you begin your work. This would include the installation of a new curbside mailbox.

We are committed to providing fair and balanced parking solutions throughout the City. Parking demands near businesses and public buildings can often times strain on street parking opportunities in the neighborhoods surrounding them. The City's goal is to provide on street parking opportunities for residents and business patrons while respecting the varied needs and desires of the City's neighborhoods. Various parking solutions have been implemented across the City with parking restrictions being the most common. If you would like to request modifications to parking restrictions in your neighborhood please call the Department of Public Works, 414-471-8422.  

For information regarding overnight parking, paying a fine, or available City parking lots please click here.

Traffic Calming
We have a program in place that allows residents to request Traffic Calming that would be designed to help address concerns related to speeding and high traffic volumes on neighborhood streets.  You may view our Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Calming Guidelines document please click here.  In order to qualify for the program your street would need to meet one of the following thresholds:

Traffic Criteria

Minimum Threshold

 85th Percentile Speed

Greater than 5 mph over the posted speed limit

 Significant Speeding

10% of traffic at or greater than 10 mph over the posted speed

 Traffic Composition

10% or greater cut-through traffic (est. only)

 Daily Traffic Volume

Exceeds 800 vpd on neighborhood streets or 1,500 vpd residential collectors


Street or intersection averages more than 2 crashes per year over three year time period

If you believe your street qualifies for the Traffic Calming Program please complete and return the application form.  Once we receive your application we will begin collection of data and evaluation of eligibility.  Due to the number of requests received the initial data collection and analysis process may take up to six months.

Stop Signs

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