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Cross Connection Control
We routinely check our water to ensure it is safe for potable use. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires that we perform periodic inspections and surveys for cross connections of the water supply. 

- to protect public health
- to protect our public water supply system

Compliance with this program is mandatory under state law for all water users.  

What is a Cross Connection?
A cross connection is an actual or potential connection between safe drinking water or potable water and a source of contamination or pollution. The state requires installation of backflow prevention methods at every point of potable water connection and use. The most typical example of a potential cross connection is no backflow prevention on the outside water hose bibb or spigot.  Newer homes will normally include backflow devices in this location, but many older homes do not have this in place.

Residential Cross Connection Inspections
Residential inspections occur at the time of any water meter maintenance or replacement appointment. We perform the inspection, which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes of time. 

Commercial and Industrial Cross Connection Inspections
Commercial and industrial inspections occur once every two years. We contract with Aqua Backflow to manage our commercial and industrial cross connection control program. We ask for your cooperation when Aqua Backflow calls to schedule an appointment or asks for information. 

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