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Where can I put my rummage sale sign?

A sign advertising a yard sale should only be on your property
Post Date:06/21/2018 3:29 PM

rummage saleHelp us out, neighbors. We want our streets to be safe and free from distraction and clutter. One item that might cause a distraction is a sign advertising a rummage sale.

According to our municipal code about rummage sales, please follow these rules about the placement of your sign:

  • You can have no more than one sign per residential lot.
  • This sign should only be placed on the property where the sale is happening.
  • Signs should not exceed a 12 square foot in the area, located no less than five feet from the nearest lot line.
  • Please remove your sign within 24 hours of the close of the rummage sale.

This applies to all sales, including rummage, lawn, yard estate, porch, room, backyard, patio, or garage sales. Signs placed in the right of way or on public property will be removed and disposed of without notice.

We issue citations to residents who do not comply with these rules.

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