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Dye Testing Our Sewers

For the next 2 months we're running dye tests to improve our sewers
Post Date:09/13/2018 12:21 PM

dye testing

Green dye can be expected in Grantosa Creek and Menomonee River this Fall

As a part of efforts to reduce clearwater entry into the sanitary sewer system, we will be performing dye water testing of sewers, particularly on the North side of Wauwatosa. The consulting firm of raSmith will manage the project and Visu-Sewer will perform the dye water testing.

The procedure consists of filling the storm sewer system with non-toxic bright colored dye. The contractor will then video the City’s sanitary sewers adjacent to the storm sewer to look for sources of dyed water entering the sanitary sewer system. We will review the videos to determine the location and extent of future sanitary sewer rehabilitation. As part of the review process, we might also video some of the sanitary sewer laterals. (The sewer lateral is the pipe you own that connects your home or business to the City’s sanitary sewer.) Usually the lateral videoing is limited to the portion of your lateral that is located within the City right of way. If you have any questions regarding the potential inspection of your sewer lateral, please contact one of the resident engineers whose numbers are below.

When completed, the dyed water will be released into the downstream storm sewer system which drains to the Menomonee River.

Work in your area will likely occur weekdays between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. raSmith will have an on-site professional engineer available at all times during the dye water testing if you have any questions or concerns. The engineer’s cell phone number is (262) 901-2229. The engineer will have the ability to stop testing immediately if there are any issues as a result of the dye water flooding.

Dye water flooding is scheduled to occur between Sept 17 to mid-November, weather dependent. During inclement weather, dye water testing may be postponed and rescheduled for a later time. If you have any general questions in advance of the testing, please contact: Chris M. Stamborski, P.E., raSmith: (262) 317-3337. All questions during the testing process should be directed to the on-site engineer at (262) 901-2229.

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