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Bat-Proofing Your Home

Take steps before winter to protect your home from bats
Post Date:10/01/2018

Late summer and early fall are times of increased bat activity in Wisconsin. Use these helpful tips to prevent your home from these unwanted guests.

To protect bats from gaining entry into your home, examine your houses for any holes that might allow bats to get in. You can use items such as window screens, chimney caps, and draft guards to seal any gaps that may exist. Fall and winter are the best times to bat-proof your home.

If you do come in contact with any bats:

  • Do not touch it with your bare hands
  • Contact a pest control company for tips on how you can safely capture and remove a bat
  • If you believe you’ve been scratched or bitten by a bat, wash the wound with soap and water and contact your physician.
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