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Fix Toilet Leaks: How to Save on Your Water Bill

Use a simple dye test to test for leaks
Post Date:10/23/2018 10:46 AM

Toilets are the biggest offender for leaks. If you suspect a leak or see that your consumption has been slowly creeping up try this simple dye test: Put a few drops of food safe dye in the toilet tank, let that sit for about 20 minutes without flushing. Come back and check to see if you see any color in the toilet’s bowl. If you do, there’s a leak.

Don’t forget the toilet in the basement. Turn it off if not in use. An average leaky toilet quarterly bill not caught in time can cost around $1,200.

Other Leaks to Check:

  • in-ground sprinklers
  • dripping faucets
  • hose spigot (or known as hose bibb) for drips, and turn them off in winter

When in doubt, hire a professional. A pin hole leak (1/32”) can waste 64,970 gallons of water per year.

How to pay your water bill

  • Return enclosed envelope with a check
  • Pay online through your bank (You can also setup automatic payments through your bank)
  • Wauwatosa Water Utility online portal. On this website you can check your current balance at any time. You will need your account and house number.
  • Over the phone: 1-844-804-5569
  • At the Treasurer’s Counter at City Hall (7725 W North Avenue) between 8 am - 4:30 pm
  • The Drop Box at City Hall across from the blue mail box, by the employee entrance
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