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Draft Capital Improvements Program Published

See what construction projects you can expect in 2019
Post Date:11/01/2018 11:00 AM

What is the Capital Improvements Program?

Each year we publish a Capital Improvements Program which details the proposed projects for the next five years. Special attention is always given to the upcoming year, as we consider which projects to fund in 2019.

What are the projects proposed for 2019?

Financial Affairs had their first discussion about the Capital Improvements Program. Watch the video of their discussion. There are a number of projects proposed for 2019. Note that below we included more significant projects that would have actual construction in 2019 and more visible impact to you. There are other projects with funds in 2019, but this might include design or inspection. Full details in the Capital Improvements Program.

The more significant projects with budgets over $250,000 include:

Paving Program

We are repaving and/or reconstructing 1.91 miles in 2019, including Green Alley construction. More information on page 15.

Bike/Pedestrian Plan

In 2019, funds will be used to install pedestrian crossing signals at Harwood and Harmonee. More information on page 26.

Repave Swan Blvd and construct a roundabout

This is a joint project with the Department of Transportation to reconstruct Swan Blvd from I-41 to the bridge over the basins. Part of this project includes the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Swan Blvd and Discovery Parkway. Sidewalks or multiuse trails will be added on either side of Swan Blvd, contributing to our goal of making Wauwatosa streets friendly to all modes of transportation. See more on page 31.

Wisconsin Avenue over Honey Creek bridge replacement

This bridge was constructed in 1934. A replacement bridge will be raised above flood elevation of Honey Creek and is planned to be widened to accommodate a pedestrian underpass. See more on page 43.

Sidewalk program

We annually assess 10% of our city sidewalks to determine if repairs are needed. More details on page 38.

Street Light Conversion

We are replacing existing street light fixtures and deteriorated poles with LED fixtures and new poles. This project is paid for with energy savings. We propose starting in 2019, and it could take 5-10 years to get through the entire city. More details on page 44.

Library roof replacement

Part of the Wauwatosa Library’s roof is scheduled to be replaced in 2019. We are also proposing a redesigned skylight because of persistent problems with water leaks. More information on page 69-70.

Police Parking Lot

We have funding from MMSD for a complete reconstruction for an expanded Green Parking lot at the Police Department. A Green parking lot includes permeable pavement to reduce or eliminate runoff water. This project also includes new drive approaches, walks, curbs and gutter. See more on page 79.

How can I participate?

We invite you to read the draft Capital Improvements Program, attend the public hearing on Wednesday, November 7, watch the meeting online, and send your feedback to your elected officials.

Typically the Common Council meets on Tuesdays, but November 6 is the General Election. The meeting was rescheduled to Wednesday, November 7 at 7:30 pm, so that more people can attend.

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