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New Medical Sharps Disposal Program

Post Date:06/18/2019 9:37 AM

We offer a medical sharps disposal program at the Health Department (located within City Hall, 7725 W. North Avenue). Through this new disposal program, it is a safe and lawful way to dispose of these sharps and keep needles out of the trash.

What are sharps?

“Sharps” include medical needles, syringes, lancets, and other sharp medical instruments.

Why do sharps need to be discarded in a special way?

State law and local ordinances make it illegal to throw sharps out with your household trash. Sharps pose a risk to people who handle waste and can result in accidental needle sticks and the spread of infectious disease.

How to Dispose of Sharps

Those who live or work in Wauwatosa may bring sharps containers to the Wauwatosa Health Department, Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm.  Please follow these three easy steps.

  1. Place sharps into an approved red “sharps” container. We have containers available for purchase in the health department for $7 each.  Unacceptable containers include plastic jugs, bottles or bags, glass jars and metal cans.
  2. Fill to the indicator line and lock.
  3. Bring to the Wauwatosa Health Department.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Health Department.

**Please note – This program will be offered as long as funding remains available.

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