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Wauwatosa Life Sciences District Plan Adopted

See the amended plan and what the city's next steps are
Post Date:12/20/2018 1:43 PM

On December 18, the Common Council adopted the Wauwatosa Life Sciences District Master Plan with a few amendments. These amendments included the stated intention of “strengthening our commitment to the preservation of the Sanctuary Woods and natural areas.”

You can find the following amendments within the plan:

  • On page 51, add the following text, “Development adjacent to the parks and environmental areas to the north must be done in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner as not to negatively impact the natural resources that will generate irreplaceable value to the Life Sciences District and community.”
  • On page 69 in the 3rd paragraph change the third sentence to read, “The City should promote and initiate a collaborative implementation process in partnership with property owners or entities and actively participate in a collaborative communication process to maintain effective communications with surrounding neighbors, landowners, and other key stakeholders.” Immediately following this sentence add, “The first priority should be achieving the preservation in perpetuity of the parkland and natural areas to ensure those open spaces will be the foundation of the branding and unique amenity of the Wauwatosa Life Sciences District.”
  • On page 70, change item 1 to read, “Working to ensure that the natural features and environmental areas are preserved and protected in perpetuity through the use of land regulations, conservation easements, deed restrictions, protective covenants, and/or development agreements.”
  • On page 74, change item 1 to read, “Requesting and considering a land divisions and a zoning map amendment from Special Purpose District – Medical Center to Special Purpose District – Conservancy for the  non-park land owned by Milwaukee County to preserve and protect in perpetuity the Parks and Environmental Areas as illustrated on the Framework Plan and Proposed Future Land Use Map.”

The City of Wauwatosa has contacted Milwaukee County to request that they proceed with submitting the necessary Certified Survey Map proposals for the county-owned land within this area. This will enable the City of Wauwatosa to take the next step of zoning this land Conservancy. Both Mayor Ehley and City Administrator Archambo have sent letters to the County, urging them with this request.

Read Mr. Archambo's letter

Read Mayor Ehley's letter


Thank you for your participation in this plan. We will send out an email update when any future action may be taken regarding the CSM or zoning.

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