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Why It's Important to Learn about Your Property Assessment

In 2019, we're doing a city-wide revaluation
Post Date:01/14/2019 9:06 AM

January 1 is the date at which assessments are based on for the entire year. The 2019 year is also a revaluation year for all properties in the city. The last time a city-wide revaluation was completed was 2013.

The market for both residential and commercial properties have changed since 2013. This change in value will be reflected in the 2019 revaluation. We will use the past three years of property sales to determine 2019 values.

Throughout 2018 and previous years the Assessor’s office has sent out questionnaires to properties that have sold to obtain information regarding those properties. The sales of properties helps set the new value in a revaluation. We have also sent out letters to properties that have had building permits. Getting this information directly from the property owner is crucial, as the owner knows his or her property the best. Additional mailings for the request of property information will be sent out in January.

You can use this online property search tool to see a property's assessment.

If you have any questions regarding these requests or the 2019 revaluation, please contact the Assessor’s Office: (414)-479-8969. We will continue to share updates throughout 2019, including other important dates related to your property assessment.

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