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Optional Curb Painting Program

Property owners can request the city to paint the curb around their driveway or alley approach to ease parking concerns
Post Date:03/13/2019 11:08 AM

Did you know vehicles should not park too close to the entrance of a driveway or alley approach? Our current city code requires at least four feet of space next to these entrances.

We're interested in providing a way to reduce the likelihood that vehicle parks too close to a driveway or alley approach.

Announcing the optional curb painting program. Here's how it works:

  • Property owners can request that the curbs at the entrance of a driveway be painted at their expense to help reduce the likelihood that a vehicle will park too close.
  • The curb will be power washed and painted with yellow epoxy paint on both sides of a drive approach (four feet on each side - see example below).
  • Apply by April 30 in a given year for the painting to occur in the year the application is received. We will make every attempt to paint curbs if we receive the application after April 30.
  • The program fee includes one paint application only. If the paint fades, wears, or chips away, and you wish to have the curb painted again, you will have to submit a new application and fee.
  • Property owners are not allowed to self-perform paint application to any public infrastructure including curbs.

If you are interested in having the curbs adjacent to your driveway painted, please review the policy on page two. Complete this application and return it to us along with your payment in the amount of $120. If you have questions about this program please call Public Works at (414) 471-8422.

Below is a typical curb painting area.

curb painting

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