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Will There Be Construction on My Street?

Introducing a map of planned construction for the next five years
Post Date:03/28/2019 10:51 AM

Learning about construction on your street can be big news. It can impact your plans, budget if there is a special assessment, or how you navigate the area. We strive to give you as much information as possible about our planned construction projects, so you can plan accordingly.

Each year we develop the Capital Improvements Program. This comprehensive document is a five-year projection of the construction we are planning. It is important to note that construction is planned five years out; however, the Common Council approves the budget for only the upcoming year of projects. There are times that we delay a project based on our budget or other factors.

The Capital Improvements Program is a lengthy document. For an overview of planned construction, we've developed a map, so you can see planned construction in the next five years. Notice that each color represents a year, and each point on the map contains basic information about the type of project planned.

Know that we only included significant construction projects that may impact the public. There are projects in the Capital Improvements Program that are not on the map: for example, a major city-wide software upgrade.

What other construction news is available?

Besides seeing planned construction, there are other resources to learn about construction currently happening in the area:

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