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What Does an Assessor Do?

The team of professionals and schedule behind your property assessments
Post Date:06/19/2019 1:18 PM

Our assessors estimate the value of each parcel of real property (with the general exception of schools, churches and non-profits) in the City of Wauwatosa.

Real property is the combination of land and any structures on it. Every lot, apartment complex, business and home has a value. The assessor estimates that value based on the current real estate market.

Assessments are set each year as of January 1. How the property is described on that date is what is valued.

Several factors determine the value of a property. A change of value in your property does not guarantee a change in value at the house next to you. For example, a home can be similar to yours overall, but your home has a remodeled kitchen or bath. This will most likely have a higher value to reflect that difference.

Look up property information online.

Assessors don’t determine the property taxes you pay. We set property values in a fair and equitable way. Your property affects your taxes, but the actual amount you pay is determined by the budget needs of the schools, city, county, sewer district, and technical college.

In Wauwatosa, the Common Council, School Board, MATC Board, MMSD Board, and County Board are the 5 taxing authorities that set taxes.


If you ever are concerned about your property assessment, contact our team. The best times to do that is typically October through February because that’s when we’re gathering information about properties.

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