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The Property Assessment Process

I received a change of assessment letter. Now what do I do?
Post Date:07/15/2019 9:00 AM

tosa home4In mid-August 2019, every property owner (residential and business) will receive a change of assessment letter in the mail even if your property value has not changed. Look up property information online.

2019 is a revaluation year. This is a city-wide complete and thorough review of all property assessments. Assessments are set by using mass appraisal techniques. We are not performing individual appraisals on each home and business in the city. We make value adjustments where necessary to guarantee that all property is fairly assessed. This ensures that taxes are distributed equitably.

I have no questions about my property assessment

If you have no questions about the notice you receive in the mail, you do not have to do anything. No action is needed.

I have questions about my property assessment

If you have questions about your assessed value (not your tax bill) you can contact the Assessor’s office: (414) 479-8969. In fact, you can schedule an appointment during Open Book Period (August 12 - September 12, 2019) to discuss your assessment. The appraiser assigned to your neighborhood will review your questions and discuss how the value was determined.

We will not be accepting walk-ins. You have to make an appointment to sit down with an appraiser.

I want to appeal my property assessment

After you meet with your appraiser, and if you still disagree with your assessment, you can appeal your assessment to the Board of Review.

While you can appeal your assessment directly to the Board of Review, it is highly recommended that you first contact the Assessor’s office. Minor errors and misunderstandings can often be corrected at an informal meeting with the Assessor’s office first.

Board of Review process

To appeal your assessment to the Board of Review, you must be able to demonstrate in a factual and meaningful way, that there is an error in the assessor’s valuation. Only actual sales of comparable properties are accepted as evidence. 

Learn more about the appeal forms to submit and how the formal hearing is structured.

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