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Housing in Wauwatosa

Take a brief survey about housing and development programs
Post Date:10/15/2019 4:23 PM

tosa home7Wauwatosa receives federal funding for a number of housing and community development programs. One of the requirements of the federal government to receive funding is the submission of an 5-year consolidated plan. This plan identifies general areas of need and how these needs may be addressed using these funds. Wauwatosa is part of a consortium with Milwaukee County and West Allis, and we will jointly submit our 5-year consolidated plan in 2020.

As part of this planning progress, we need to hear from you. You are being invited to join us in deciding how to allocate these resources. Take a brief survey about housing and development programs. The questions ask you to tell us what you think are the greatest unmet needs within your community. 

  • How is the housing in your neighborhood?
  • Are there houses or apartments that need some fixing up?
  • Are there senior citizens who want to stay in their home but they need a new furnace?
  • How are the sidewalks?  Are they broken and unsafe?
  • Do you need curb cuts to make it easy for a disabled person to get around?
  • Are the streets dark and unsafe?
  • Is there a park close by?  Can kids walk there to play?
  • Are there programs for kids to go to after school or in the summer?
  • Is there a program to help someone find a job or get more training for a job? 
  • Are there programs for aging parents or grandparents who need somewhere to go to socialize or have a meal?
  • Have you been discriminated against when you tried to rent or buy a home? 

We use the results of this survey to help develop our community development block grant program. The primary objective of the CDBG program is the development of viable urban communities by providing opportunities for decent housing, a safe living environment, and expanded economic opportunities to, principally, low or moderate income persons.

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