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Changes to Crossing Guard Locations

Ensuring consistent coverage for elementary school aged pedestrians
Post Date:12/05/2019 1:36 PM

crossing guard4Wauwatosa provides crossing guards as part of the safe routes to school program. Over the past several years, we have experienced many vacancies in crossing guard positions at random locations throughout the city. We are making some changes to crossing guards to reduce the number of vacancies experienced on a daily basis. These changes place a priority on ensuring that there are crossing guards present at locations that serve elementary school aged pedestrians and along safe routes to school.

Beginning in January 2020, we will be adding a second crossing guard to Wauwatosa and North Avenue and eliminating the guard at 73rd and North Avenue. Students who used the 73rd and North Avenue location to cross the street can always walk east to Wauwatosa Avenue and cross there. In addition to this change, the city is eliminating the crossing guards at:

  • Mayfair and Center – students can cross at this location, which is a stop sign or at Mayfair and North Avenue, which is also a stop sign.
  • 114th and Center Street – this location is a 3-way stop. Students can choose to cross at this all-stop location or use crossing guards located at 120th and Center, 116th and Center, or 111th and Center.
  • Wauwatosa and Harwood – we routinely have no crossers at this location. Users can walk to Wauwatosa and Harmonee to cross at the signalized intersection.
  • Blue Mound and 70th Street – we routinely have no crossers at this location. Users can walk to Blue Mound and Glenview to utilize the crossing guard at this location or cross at the signalized intersection at Blue Mound and 68th Street.
  • Ruby and 100th – students who crossed at this location should now walk north on 101st Street and cross at Glendale where there is a 4-way stop and a crossing guard.

Making these changes will result in more consistent coverage at the other crossing guard locations in Wauwatosa and prioritize these resources to our younger, elementary aged residents.

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