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Who is Running for Alderperson in Wauwatosa?

Candidates share why they are running and the top issues they want to focus on
Post Date:02/04/2020 8:00 AM

We want to provide information for residents to be informed about the upcoming election and the candidates. We asked the alderperson candidates to respond to a set of questions. Their responses are below. Candidates were given 175 words for each answer.

These candidates will be on the April 7 ballot. Learn more about upcoming electionsvoter registration, and early voting.

Candidates for Alderperson

District 1

Jim Moldenhauer (incumbent)

District 2

John Dubinski (incumbent)

District 3

Nancy Welch (incumbent)

Contact information: (414) 777-0362 and

Occupation, Work History, Volunteer Positions:

  • Community Development Director for cities of Wauwatosa and Auburn, WA
  • Senior Planner for cities of Des Moines, IA and West Allis, WI
  • County Grounds Coalition
  • Wauwatosa Historical Society
  • Wisconsin Humane Society
  • Milwaukee Riverkeeper
  • American Planning Association – WI Chapter

Why are you running for Alderperson?

Over 20 years ago my husband and I decided to buy a home in Wauwatosa in the Rockway/Brookside Historic District. I love my neighborhood and want to resolve the challenges facing the area like traffic and too much development. There are many great things happening in Wauwatosa and I want to use my professional background and experience to ensure that we make the best decisions for the future.

What issues would you like to pursue if elected?

My past four years on the Common Council have increased my knowledge of the impacts of increasing debt on Tosa taxpayers and the fact that we are using the wrong priorities for spending. District 3 has experienced significant impacts from development especially high volume of traffic, high rise projects and the push for more development on the County Grounds. Children should be able to walk to school safely and residents should be able to enjoy walking along tree-lined streets. I understand the challenges and will work to protect our neighborhoods and ensure a strong future for Wauwatosa.

Armin Holiday

Contact information: (414) 795-1031

Occupation, Work History, Volunteer Positions

  • Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) – KCH Team Member
  • Independent Consultant for Healthcare Strategy
  • Wisconsin Director of Provider Network Strategy – UnitedHealthGroup
  • Nursing Home Administrator – Crossroads Care Center and Franciscan Villa
  • Clement J Zablocki VA Hospital – Volunteer
  • United Community Center – Volunteer
  • Education:  Bachelor of Arts from Marquette University, Certificate Program from UW – Madison for Administration

Why are you running for Alderperson?

I believe my fellow residents and neighbors of District 3 deserve better: transparent and timely communication and a balanced approach to the current issues our community is facing. The residents I’ve spoken with have echoed concerns about my opponent’s adversarial style getting in the way of leadership on the local level.  Families with children in our district are more concerned today than ever about the dangers traffic patterns pose to public safety.  Others echo worries about rising property taxes without visible improvements. With experience in both for profit and nonprofit sectors, I have earned the reputation of getting things done in a respectful and collegial manner, with unwavering integrity. Much of my personal and professional success is to be attributed to relationships: local partnerships, open and honest dialogue and education. That’s one of the strengths I hope to bring to the table as Alderman.

What issues would you like to pursue if elected?

Competing priorities will continue to be our district's biggest opportunity. We will need to find common ground on strategy for short and long- term economic vitality to meet the needs of residents and commuters alike. It is important that we support existing businesses and entertain new businesses. If elected, I hope to address our growing community's economic opportunities, remain a mindful steward of our parks and land, and help maintain the high standard of our infrastructure and services.

District 4

Ernst Franzen (incumbent)

Occupation, Work History, Volunteer Positions

  • Alderperson since February 2018
  • Adjunct instructor at Marquette University since 2001
  • Editorial writer, associate editor, columnist and reporter at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1982-2017
  • Editor and reporter at Wauwatosa News-Times, 1979-1982

Why are you running for Alderperson?

I have been a resident of Wauwatosa since 1988, when we moved into our current home in the Jennings Park neighborhood. Our children attended St. Jude’s school and Wauwatosa East High School, and received a great education in both schools. Upon my retirement from the Journal Sentinel, I felt a desire to give something back to the community that has nurtured my family for so long. I received that opportunity in 2018, when I was appointed to the seat formerly held by Dennis McBride, and then elected in 2019 to finish out his term. Serving on the council has allowed me to remain engaged in issues that I followed as a journalist: good and open government, a healthy environment, responsible development, quality infrastructure, transportation and public safety. It also has allowed me to engage with my fellow residents of the 4th District through what I hope has been good constituent service and through thoughtful and reasoned representation. I would like to continue that work on behalf of my neighbors and the citizens of Wauwatosa.

What issues would you like to pursue if elected?

I would like to help ensure that Wauwatosa remains a superb place to raise a family, with a solid balance of diverse and safe neighborhoods, green spaces and vibrant development, where appropriate, that can help keep taxes at a reasonable level. As a former journalist and member of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, I also would like to ensure that city government remains open and transparent, accountable to the citizens it serves, and that those citizens have ample opportunity to engage with their government. I also would like to help Wauwatosa be an active partner with its neighbors in pursuing regional issues that would benefit all of southeastern Wisconsin.

District 5

Joel Tilleson (incumbent)

District 6

Meagan Holman

Contact information:

Occupation, Work History, Volunteer Positions

  • Nonprofit partnerships manager and civic engagement leader, with 15 years of experience focused on serving families in Milwaukee County
  • Former elected member and vice president, Milwaukee Board of School Directors
  • Board member, Milwaukee Jewish Community Relations Council
  • Board member, Sheraton Lawns Neighborhood Association
  • Member and ProMoms leader, Professional Dimensions

Why are you running for Alderperson?

From a very young age, I was drawn to volunteerism and public service. I completed two years of AmeriCorps national service in youth-serving programs and have spent my career in the civic and nonprofit sectors, including being elected to serve on the School Board when I lived in Milwaukee. After relocating with my family to Wauwatosa, I now seek to do more for our city as a member of the Common Council.

As a leader in Milwaukee’s nonprofit sector, I’m proud of my work for and on behalf of families in need in our region. For the past two years, I managed the Wisconsin office of Operation Warm, a national nonprofit providing brand new winter coats for children. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College and a Master’s in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, but the work of community development and creating public value is far more than academic to me. I would be honored to represent my neighbors every day as their Alder.

What issues would you like to pursue if elected?

The City’s recent survey shows that 97% of residents say Wauwatosa is a great place to live. That is an amazing number, but there is always more that can be done, and cities that are able to increase connectivity between people, places and things they need -- whether transportation, access to green space, or social and cultural engagement -- are more resilient to social and economic changes. I will promote community-first policies that enhance the public experience for neighbors. Walkable, sustainable, diverse nodes of businesses and amenities are one of Wauwatosa’s greatest assets.

Additionally, I would seek to work with representatives in Madison to restore local control to our cities and towns which will remove some unfunded mandates, and close the Dark Store tax loophole that costs Wauwatosa money in lost revenue but also in legal fees trying to restore that revenue. Those are bureaucratic measures that may not be at the top of mind for many, but less of our tax dollars spent on bureaucracy means more for parks, roads, and community priorities.

District 7

Mike Morgan

Contact information: (414) 335-9467 and

Occupation, Work History, Volunteer Positions:

  • Marketing, Public Relations and Communications Manager
  • Wauwatosa School District event worker and youth baseball umpire
  • Wauwatosa Civic Celebration Committee Public Relations Chair
  • St. Joseph's Church Communication Committee
  • Tosa Trojans Baseball Club founder
  • Youth sports coach North Central Little League, Tosa Baseball League, Tosa Basketball League, Junior Trojans football

Why are you running for Alderperson?

I'm running for this office because I believe that my unique combination of community and professional expertise will strongly and immediately benefit the district and city. Our family has enjoyed living and working in Wauwatosa for nearly 20 years and our involvement in a wide variety of activities provides valuable local experience and connections.

What issues would you like to pursue if elected?

While a recent survey shows most residents are satisfied with Wauwatosa as a place to live, key issues are balancing continued growth and success promoting city government priorities of public safety, appropriate infrastructure and design, housing affordability, and services through effective communication with residents and stakeholders.

District 8

Jason Wilke (incumbent)

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