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Census Invitation: City of Wauwatosa and City of Milwaukee

Your Census invitation might say "City of Milwaukee," and that's okay
Post Date:03/27/2020 1:27 PM

census onlineWauwatosa residents received their 2020 Census in the mail starting in mid-March. Some residents' invitations may list their address as the City of Milwaukee, rather than the City of Wauwatosa. The Postal Service addresses the envelopes this way on purpose to make it easier for them to successfully deliver millions of envelopes across the country in a very short timeframe.

The Census Bureau is assuring Wauwatosa residents:

  • We DO count you in the census tract and census block where you live.
  • We DO NOT count you at the mailing city on your invitation or questionnaire.

Embedded in the census ID code on your census form is the State, County, Census Tract and Census Block (or Basic Collection Unit) where you live. The presence of a census ID code means we already know what census block you live in.

Your Census ID tabulates your data to your State, your county, your tract and your block, and also to your township, your city, your school district, your congressional district, and many other areas.

Please complete your Census by April 1. Check Wauwatosa's response rate on this map, updated by the Census on a daily basis.

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