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  • Start Date:10/31/2019 12:00 PM
  • Close Date:11/20/2019 11:01 AM

C I T Y   O F   W A U W A T O S A




PROPOSALS WANTED.  Sealed proposals (IN DUPLICATE) will be received in and for the City of Wauwatosa until 11:01 A.M., November 20, 2019 at which time the bids will be opened and publicly read by the Purchasing Coordinator at City Hall, 7725 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  The bids are for Police Department uniforms including New Hires, Police Officers, Police Reserves and Bicycle-Mortorcycle-SRT-K9 all in accordance with the attached official bid forms consisting of nine (9) pages.

No bid deposit or bond required. 

Copies of the request for proposal may be obtained by contacting the Purchasing Department Office 7725 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin at (414) 479-8958.  All requests will be fulfilled via email. 

Contract Term/Pricing/Contract Extension: The term of this contract shall be for three (3) years from the date of award through December 31, 2022, renewable for a like term upon mutual agreement. 

Annual extensions shall be subject to the escalation/de-escalation provisions contained in this official notice. 


  1. Escalator Provision:  Should the supplier incur unavoidable price increases resulting from a manufacturer during the second and third year terms of the contract, the supplier has the right to request an increase in the quoted prices.  This request for increase must not exceed the manufacturers.  Documentation to substantiate these increases must be included with the request.


The City of Wauwatosa reserves the right to terminate this agreement if the escalated price increase exceeds the average for the clothing industry. 

  1. De-escalator Provisions:  Should the supplier incur a price decrease on any of the items supplied under this agreement after January, 2021, said price decrease must be passed on to the City of Wauwatosa.  Each year a new price list must be submitted.


City employees may only purchase items on the attached lists.  In the event certain styles are discontinued  or changed and new items are introduced, the vendor must provide proof of actual cost and show the percentage of markup.  All invoices must be itemized and list the City employee’s name. 

SPECIAL NOTE: All items quoted must be readily available within fourteen working days after receipt of order or City reserves the right to cancel and utilize an alternate source. 


The City of Wauwatosa reserves exclusively to itself the right to reject any or all bids or to accept the bid deemed most advantageous to the City and to waive any or all technicalities or informalities in bids submitted.  No bids, alterations, or modifications to bids shall be allowed after bid opening.  Questions concerning the request for bid may be directed to Capt. Chris Fox  at (414) 471-8430.   

October 31, 2019                                                                                                            

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin                                 
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