Distinguished Citizen Award

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About the Award

Since 1964, The Wauwatosa Distinguished Citizen Award Council has honored the people who have made significant voluntary contributions to community life in Wauwatosa to make this city such a great place to live. Leaders in our school systems, fire and police services, civic, business, neighborhoods, community services, and historic preservation have been honored over the years for their selfless dedication to making a difference in everyone’s life who lives in and around Wauwatosa.

Meet the Awardee

The Wauwatosa Distinguished Citizen Award Council is pleased to announce Arline Hayes as Wauwatosa’s 2018 Distinguished Citizen of the year. Read more about Arline.

This year's banquet was held April 24, 2019. Check back for information about next year's nomination process and award.

If you have any questions, please contact Patrick McNally: (773) 315-6558