How Wauwatosa is Prepared to Respond to COVID-19

Wauwatosa routinely plans, trains, and exercises with partner agencies on responses to pandemics or infectious diseases. We are monitoring developments related to COVID-19 as they happen. Learn about city services available online or by mail.


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  • How early can I claim a spot on North Avenue to watch the parade?
  • I noticed mulch and dirt by Drop Off Center. Is there a charge to purchase?
  • Can moving pods/containers be placed curbside on the street?
  • How often can I hold a rummage sale?
  • What do you accept at the Drop Off Center?
  • Are there rules about where I can drain my gutters?
  • Can I plant vegetables in my front yard?
  • Do I need a permit to raise chickens on my property?
  • How early can I mow my lawn?
  • How is the City of Wauwatosa addressing energy efficiency?
  • How many animals can I have in my household?
  • How tall can my grass be?
  • Is it legal to bury sump pump discharge piping in Tosa?
  • Is the proposed vehicle registration fee being used to balance the budget?
  • What should I do with grass clippings?
  • Where can I drain my sump pump?
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