Information to submit before a Hearing

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The following should be submitted to the City Clerk's Office prior to the appeal hearing:

  • Asking price, offering sheets, ads
  • Copy of closing statement
  • Copy of mortgage, notes, and/or contract
  • Discount points involved
  • Terms of sales, special financing
  • Copy of appraisal - appraiser must be present
  • Listing of recently sold properties which you will be citing as comparisons
  • Cost estimates of major repairs
  • * Income and expense statements
  • * Cost and depreciation schedules
  • * Balance sheets
  • * Copy of leases, if leased

* Applies to commercial properties; accountant should be present

Please submit six (6) sets for residential cases and seven (7) sets of information for commercial cases.


For more information, please email the City Clerk's office or call (414) 479-8920.