What We Do

We provide accurate and accessible legal services to the Wauwatosa city government in a fiscally responsible manner.

Our legal services include:

  • Providing and coordinating all legal representation of the city
  • Reviewing and processing claims against the city
  • Liability defense and other litigation
  • Ordinance and licensing prosecution in Municipal Court
  • Providing counsel to the Common Council, various city boards, commissions, and committees as well as all city departments
  • Advising and training officials in the areas of ethics, public records, and open meetings
  • Drafting ordinances and resolutions to be considered by the Common Council
  • Contract preparation and approval of all contracts entered into by the City of Wauwatosa
  • Collections and representing the city's interest in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Coordinating land acquisitions, easements, and other property transactions
  • Managing zoning and economic development projects, including Tax Incremental Financing
  • Coordinating the work of all outside counsel hired to represent the city
  • Supervising labor negotiations, employee benefits, and employment litigation in courts and before administrative agencies and labor arbitrators

The City Attorney's Office does not:

  • Represent individual citizens or taxpayers in any legal action
  • Provide legal advice to any private individual
  • Prosecute or defend criminal cases

How the City Selects Its City Attorney

The City Attorney is appointed by the Mayor and is subject to confirmation by the Common Council.