Municipal Court Process

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Municipal Court Proceedings

Municipal Court proceedings take place in Wauwatosa on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The ticket (citation) you received from the police officer indicates the date and time that you are to appear in Municipal Court if you wish to contest the citation, or if you wish to discuss it with the city's prosecuting attorney.

Meeting with the Prosecutor

On a specific court date, the prosecutor is usually available to meet and discuss your citation after 4:30 pm. There will be a sign-up sheet for meeting with the prosecutor in the hallway outside of Committee Room Two, which is adjacent to the municipal courtroom.

We do not have any records of the citation available in advance of the specified court date, so you will need to wait until that date to discuss the matter with the prosecutor.

When you meet with the prosecutor, who is a Special Assistant City Attorney, he or she will review your citation and depending on the circumstances, may impose a resolution to you. Whether you accept the proposal or reject it, you will be guided to the municipal courtroom. The judge must approve all agreements. If an agreement is not reached, then you will see the judge in order to state a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

How Matters Proceed

Shortly after the municipal court judge arrives, the judge will announce to everyone in the courtroom how matters will proceed in the courtroom that evening. A blue pamphlet that is also available in the courtroom explains the proceedings in Municipal Court.