Secondhand Dealer License

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The Second Hand Dealer license applies to any person, firm, partnership, corporation or association operating, owning or leasing a fixed place of business or storage for the purchase, sale, storage for sale, consignment or exchange of any secondhand articles of personal property.

A Second Hand Dealer Mall license may be issued to the owner of a business at which two or more second hand dealers are engaged in business by maintaining separate sales space and identifying themselves as individual dealers.
The license period is January 1 - December 31.  Applications are available in the City Clerk's office.  Renewal applications are sent out in October to current license holders.  (Municipal Code Chapter 6.55)


  • The fee for the Second Hand Dealer license is $27.50/year.
  • The fee for the Second Hand Dealer Mall license is $165/year.


For more information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (414) 479-8921. | Email