Aggregate Sealcoating & Paving

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How does it work? We will clean the streets immediately prior to the sealcoating operation and then the contractor will apply asphalt oil, apply the proper cover aggregate, roll the street and if necessary broom to ensure proper distribution.

While this work is done there may be a 15 minute window when the street or your driveway is not accessible. Three to four days after the aggregate has been placed, the contractor will sweep the loose aggregate and haul it away.

If any of the loose aggregate ends up in your driveway or grassed terrace area after the sealcoat operation is complete, we ask that you push it into the curb and gutter areas to get swept up by regular City sweeping operations.

We have used sealcoating to extend the life of pavement on residential streets for over 60 years. It allows the reduction of one resurfacing project during the road's approximate 72 year lifespan. 

Sealcoating Locations

View a .pdf of sealcoat locations for 2020-2029.


Contact Jess Henderson, Civil Engineer, at or (414) 479-8978.

Video Example of Sealcoating