Thanks for stopping by to learn about development projects, construction or infrastructure projects, and policy and planning initiatives.

You can view all active construction on a map online and read the about individual projects below.

You can also see a map of planned construction for the next five years.

Public Construction

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Construction or infrastructure projects are projects we are performing to maintain or improve our infrastructure:

Private Construction or Development


Development projects are projects constructed by a private developer that may be permitted under the current code or may require consideration by Plan Commission or Common Council.

Planning Efforts We Are Undertaking

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Planning initiatives include area specific plans, housing plans, or zoning code changes.

How do I find information on a project not listed here?

Projects that are permitted under our Municipal Code will not be listed here as they do not require approval by Plan Commission or the Common Council. This listing is not comprehensive, but is intended to reflect the most significant projects under consideration. Full details on items being discussed by Plan Commission and the Common Council are available in our Meeting Portal. Is there a project you would like to see on this page? Let us know.