Swan Park

From Spring 2019 through Fall 2020, The City of Wauwatosa will be replacing aged water and sewer infrastructure and reconstructing roads within the Swan Park Neighborhood.  Work will be staged over 2 construction seasons.

The proposed work on Ridge Blvd, Harding Blvd., Wilson Blvd, N Harding Blvd, and 96th St includes:

  • Replacement of storm sewer, sanitary sewer main and water main. These utilities were originally constructed between 1930 and 1950 and are nearing the end of their useful life.
  • Sidewalk, curb and driveway approach replacement as necessary
  • Street lighting, including replacing the cables and poles
    Reconstruction of the roadway
  • Replacement of street trees as necessary

Phase I Schedule

Phase I is substantially complete. The contractors will be back in 2020 to remove and replace any remaining sidewalk, complete lawn restoration, and address any other items we identify through our walkthroughs. 

Phase II Schedule

Phase II work will be from March - November 2020.

  • Winter 2019, gas company work
  • February 2020, neighborhood meeting
  • March 2020, construction start
  • November 2020, construction complete
  • Spring 2021, final walkthrough

Download the slides from our September 2019 design open house. These slides answer common questions about the timeline, water services, driveway outages, and more construction topics.


Contact Nick Deming, Construction Manager at NDeming@wauwatosa.net or (414) 479-3541.

Video Overview of the Project


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