The Watertown

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What is the project? 

The Watertown is a proposed apartment building with 5 stories and 147 units on the former Milwaukee County Food Services site (9150 Watertown Plank Road).

The project description indicates that is will marketed to Medical College of Wisconsin students and professionals working at the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center and other employment centers in the general vicinity.

The building is being designed with sensitivities to its location by incorporating native landscaping, dark sky lighting strategies, and bird friendly details.

More information starts on packet page 79.

Status and Next Steps

Plan Commission approved the preliminary plans on November 11, 2019 with thirteen conditions:

  1. Setting a public hearing date of December 17, 2019.
  2. Recording of the Certified Survey Map to create the parcel prior to filing final PUD application.
  3. Design Review Board approval prior to filing final PUD application.
  4. Providing construction, acquisition, and site prep costs along with income and expense as requested by the Assessor's office.
  5. Recording of cross-access or private utility easements, as applicable, prior to issuing certificate of occupancy.
  6. Site plans showing adequate sewer capacity, storm water management, retaining wall details, and traffic/access improvement subject to review and approval by the Engineering Division approval prior to issuing building permits.
  7. Obtaining Milwaukee County and MMSD approval of proposed sanitary sewer relays prior to issuing building permits.
  8. Landscape plan shall require Development Department review and approval for compliance with Chapter 24.12 landscaping and screening requirements prior to filing final PUD application.
  9. Plans for water supply to site subject to approval by the Public Works Director prior to filing final PUD application.
  10. The development shall be a retail water customer of the Wauwatosa Water Utility upon divestment of the County water system.
  11. Filing application for final PUD approval within 12 months of the date of PUD preliminary plan approval.
  12. Obtaining all necessary approvals, licenses, and permits.
  13. The Developer is required to meet with two representatives from local environmental groups to discuss the potential impacts on the habitat in the vicinity of the parcel.