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About the project

The City of Wauwatosa is replacing aged water and sewer infrastructure and resurfacing Wauwatosa Avenue from Garfield Avenue to Milwaukee Avenue in 2020. Additionally, we are replacing storm sewer with larger pipes to help with stormwater management.

Also included on this project is the resurfacing of Melrose Avenue from 74th to Wauwatosa Avenue.


We are working on the timeline right now, but we can share a rough estimate of this project's timeline:

  • Winter 2019/2020, Gas company work
  • February 2020, neighborhood meeting
  • March 2020, construction start. Wauwatosa Avenue will be closed to traffic for several months. Exact dates TBD
  • September 2020, Wauwatosa Avenue reopens to traffic
  • November 2020, Work complete

Presentation from Design Open House

Download the .pdf slides from the Design Open House we hosted on November 12, 2019. These slides answer frequently asked questions about the timeline, driveway outages, water laterals, and other construction topics.

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