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City Hall, Civic Center, and Library

The Common Council began studying the Municipal Complex comprising the City Hall, Civic Center and Library in 2010. They have looked at a variety of issues, including the need for some security enhancements, the condition of the facilities, space needs for the Library, a market analysis and a cost benefit analysis. 

During the 2015 budget deliberations, the Financial Affairs Committee expressed interest in exploring the potential for redevelopment of the current Municipal Complex property before investing millions of dollars to renovate the current Library, Civic Center and City Hall. A redevelopment project might include all these facilities or a portion of them and the adjacent parking lot. The concept the Financial Affairs Committee asked for additional information on is funding the project, in whole or in part, through private development.

No decisions have been made. The Common Council seeks to understand what the options are and what the impact of each option would be.


Below is a list of associated reports that have informed the discussion to date:

Engberg Anderson Master Plan Study (2010) 
  • Recommends improvements to citizen access, staff productivity and security while reducing energy consumption
EMG Facility Condition Assessment (2015)
  • Identifies deferred maintenance issues, existing deficiencies, and material code violations which affect the property’s use
  • Deficiency repair estimate: $6.6 M undiscounted; $5.0 M discounted to 2017$ (4.0%)

Library Planning Associates Service Goals & Space Needs Assessment (2016)
  • Identifies library space needs: 71,600 square feet

SB Friedman Market Analysis (2016)
  • Identifies market-supportable development program for private land uses on the site
  • Rental apartments, rental townhouses, commercial space, medical office
  • Estimated $40.0-71.9 M in taxable market value from private development
SB Friedman Cost/Benefit Analysis (2017)



07/28/2015: Financial Affairs Committee hears a presentation from EMG about the condition of the municipal complex.

12/08/2015: Financial Affairs Committee recommends soliciting an RFQ for professional services to determine the market potential for the municipal complex.

12/15/2015: Common Council approves resolution to request to solicit RFQs to engage a company to perform a market assessment of the municipal complex.

09/06/2016: Financial Affairs Committee hears a presentation from SB Friedman about the redevelopment market potential of the municipal complex.

11/29/2016: Financial Affairs Committee recommends a proposal from SB Friedman for an economic analysis of the municipal complex to the Common Council.

12/06/2016: Common Council passes resolution to engage SB Friedman to do an economic analysis of the municipal complex.

04/25/2017: Financial Affairs Committee hears a presentation from SB Friedman about the cost benefit of maintaining versus redeveloping the municipal complex.

7/10/2018: Government Affairs Committee hears initial recommendations of staff on possible next steps for municipal complex

7/31/2018: Government Affairs Committee continues 7/10 discussion on next steps and recommendations. They referred this item to the Financial Affairs Committee. It has not been on agenda yet.

Any future updates and/or meetings on this topic will be posted here or on the City's meeting portal. Search, "Municipal complex" in portal.