Village of TosaThe project began with the need to replace old infrastructure and road surface along State Street from 68th Street to Church Street. It was determined that the project scope should expand to serve the entire Village and include streetscaping and wayfinding. A key objective of this project is to develop a streetscape solution for the Village that allows for the continued movement of automobile traffic while creating a safe pedestrian-oriented retail and dining destination. The design decisions were made as part of the larger context including other intersections in the Village and Root Common and Pocket Parks.

See directions of how to get to Hart Park.

Project Scope and Design Information

Spring 2019 Updates

  • There are temporary street lights along State St. We anticipate our contractor being able to place permanent street lights along the entire stretch of State Street and install traffic signals at 70th and 72nd in April 2019.
  • Other remaining items for completion in the spring of 2019 include landscaping improvements on the south side of the Harwood pedestrian bridge, permanent pavement markings, permanent signage, and lawn restoration throughout the project.