Property Tax Collection

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Payments During COVID-19

See below for ways to complete a payment online, using the secure payment depository (located on the southwest end of city hall near the employee entrance), via mail, or through your bank.

Receiving a Tax Statement

Property tax statements are typically mailed by the second full week in December. The bills are mailed to the owner of record per the Milwaukee County Registrar of Deeds, unless an official mailing address change has been made at the City Assessor’s office prior to November 15. If you do not receive a tax bill by December 15, the tax bill can be obtained online.

Property Tax Web Portal

You can use the property tax portal to:

  • Access your tax bill or balance
  • Make a tax payment, includes user fees of $1.50 for an e-check or 2.39% of payment amount for a credit card payment
  • Obtain and print your tax bill
  • Obtain and print your tax summary, which shows balance due and payments made
  • See the receipt for your property tax payment

Due Dates

  • Pay in full by January 31.
  • Pay in three interest-free installments by January 31, March 31, and May 31. You do not need to sign up for the installment payment plan.

Preparing the Payment

  • Include your tax bill or tax summary with your payment.
  • Make checks payable to the City of Wauwatosa.
  • If you pay with an escrow check from your mortgage company, you need to endorse the check.

How to Pay

Pay by Mail

  • Pay by mail using the return envelope that came in your tax bill.
  • Pay by mail to our lockbox. If you lost your return envelope, address your envelope to City of Wauwatosa, PO Box 88360, Milwaukee, WI 53288-8360. The receipt date for timely mailed payments will be the date on the U.S. Postal Service postmark.

Pay Online

Pay by Escrow through your Bank or Lender

  • Pay by using your lender or bank through escrow. Payments made by your lender or bank are posted to our property tax portal as soon as they are received.


We only mail tax payment receipts if you owe a balance. You can get a receipt: 

  • Online from the property tax portal  
  • Contacting our office at (414) 479-8960
  • Immediately if you pay in person

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