Delinquent Property Tax Payments

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If you do not make payment on your indicated property tax bill by the due date, your bill is considered delinquent and the remaining balance is subject to 1% interest and 1.5% penalty charges per month, retroactive to February 1. Interest and penalties are always charged in full months per Wisconsin State Law.

If you are paying your taxes in installments on January 31, March 31, and May 31, you must pay all installments by their due dates. If you do not, the entire amount of taxes that remain unpaid is considered delinquent.

We stop collecting Property Taxes on July 31

  • We collect taxes from December to July 31.
  • If your tax bill becomes delinquent prior to July 31, it is payable to us. If your tax bill remains unpaid after July 31, the delinquent taxes are paid to Milwaukee County Treasurer at 901 N. 9th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233. You can call them at (414) 278-4033.
  • Payments made to Milwaukee County will not show up on our property tax portal. Milwaukee County's property tax portal will have complete payment information (your payment to us and Milwaukee County).