Fitness Challenge

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Why is Physical Activity Important to Wauwatosa?

Nutrition and physical activity are essential to the management and prevention of many chronic diseases.

The recommended amount of physical activity for adults is moderate activity for at least 30 minutes, 5 or more days a week. Vigorous activity is recommended at least 20 minutes, 3 or more days per week. In the 2015 community survey, only 47% of Wauwatosa adults reported getting the recommended amount of activity per week.

Our Fitness Challenge

We want to move together! Let's go for a walk. Meet us at City Hall in the parking lot. Join Mayor Kathy Ehley for a short but brisk walk.

The 2019 Fitness Challenge is complete. Stay tuned for additional opportunities to walk with the Mayor.

Twenty Walks Neighborhood Walking Challenge

Twenty walks is a community-wide walking program developed cooperatively by the Health Department and the Wauwatosa Neighborhood Association Council. 

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Contest Rules:

Earn a chance to win prizes!

  • Walk in a neighborhood specified in our challenge and find our recommended "Selfie Stops" located along our routes. See map of neighborhoods here. 
  • Take a picture by the selfie stop. The picture can be of you, a friend, or even your pet!
  • After your walk, fill out our survey to check off which walks you completed and upload your photo to be entered for a chance to win. No smart phone? Just call Carmen at the Health Department to report your walks. 414-479-8947.

The more walks you complete, the better chance you have of winning.

Access the survey to enter to win.

By submitting a photo you grant the City of Wauwatosa permission to use the photo on our website, print marketing, social media, and other city collateral royalty-free.


See all of the routes, points of interest, and recommended selfie stops or click on the links below to check out the individual routes in your neighborhood. 

A. Ruby Gardens

B. Lovers Lane Estates

C. Tosa Heights

D. Park Ridge

E. Currie Park Estates and Sheraton Lawns

F. Mayfair Park

G. Fisher Woods

H. Greenwood Estates 

I. Swan Park

J. Pasadena

K. Tosa East Towne

L. Ludington Commons and Parkway Estates

M. Historic Heights and Lowell Damon Woods

N. Inglewood and Olde Hillcrest 

O. Pabst Park and Washington Highlands

P. Highland Park, Quarry Heights and Tosa Village

Q. Bluemound Manor

R. Glenview Heights and Ravenswood

S. Jennings Park, Wellauer Heights and Wellauer Park

T. Charles Jacobus Park