Email server down

City Staff (including City Hall, Police, Fire, and Public Works) and elected officials do not have access to email. We are currently working to restore this server. We anticipate having access to email on Saturday, December 15.  Please call a department or general phone number for City Hall (414-479-8900) if your issue is important. Read more.




Speaking to the City Attorney

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The City Attorney starts reviewing cases at 5:15 pm for cases set for that night of court.

  • There is no extra fee for talking to the attorney.
  • A sign-up sheet is provided and works on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • After you see the City Attorney, go into the courtroom and wait for your name to be called to go before the judge.
  • The City Attorney does not review parking tickets, indigency hearings, or compliance reviews.


For more information, please email the Municipal Court Clerk or call (414) 471-8488.