Recycling Collection

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  • Recycling is collected every other week on your assigned collection day.
  • Put your recycling in the recycling container, which has a yellow lid.
  • We don't pick up items outside of the container.
  • If you have excess recycling:
    • Please keep in mind that we do not collect items that are placed outside the cart. If you have items that will not fit in your cart, please consider using our fee-based special pick up service or take the items to the drop-off center, or hold them for your next pick-up.

What's Recyclable?

You can recycle a lot of different things. We accept plastics #1 #2 & #5 along with; paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum cans, and much more. Learn what you can recycle. As a reminder, don't recycle it until it's clean!

Here's a printable guide of what you can and cannot recycle.




Holiday Waste and Recycling

Real trees that are clear of wrappings, wire, metal, nails and tree stands can be placed at the curb on regular collection days and will be chipped into mulch. Do not put trees in alleys. This is available the entire month of January. Learn what holiday items are easily recyclable.


For more information, please email the Department of Public Works Operations Division or call (414) 471-8422.