Refuse Collection

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Collection Truck

When is garbage collected? 

Garbage is collected weekly on your assigned collection day. View your collection schedule online.

Put garbage in the garbage container, which has a black lid.

What if my garbage doesn't fit in the container?

We don't pick up items outside of the container.

If you have excess garbage:

Additional and replacement carts are available for residents.

Where do I place my garbage container?

Please place your container out by 7 am on your collection day. 

The best place to put your cart is in your driveway apron if you have a driveway, or a few feet from your garage if you're in an alley way. This gives the mechanical arm of the truck enough room to safely pick up your cart.

If your cart was not set out or inaccessible when our trucks arrived for collection, we can make a return trip for a fee.    


For more information, please email the Department of Public Works Operations Division or call (414) 471-8422.

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