North Ave Forestry

We have 30,000 publicly owned trees and we are proud to be a Tree City USA. We think trees significantly enhance the beauty of our environment and raise our quality of life. They provide value to our community and our arborists:

  • remove dead trees
  • plant new trees
  • prune trees
  • treat trees for diseases and pests

Pests & Diseases

We want to work with you to maintain a healthy urban forest.

Dutch Elm Disease

At your request we will inject your street tree with a fungicide. You pay the cost of the treatment, typically between $35 and $55, and we will provide the equipment and labor.

Emerald Ash Borer

We remove infested trees as quickly as possible. Call us if you suspect your street tree or a tree in our parks is infected.

Gypsy Moth

Sometimes we partner with the DNR for aerial spray suspension if gypsy moths are at a damaging population level.

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