Snow & Storm Emergencies

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 Snow plowing

Snow Emergencies

Snow emergencies will be announced on most area radio and TV stations during and after heavy snowfall. Parking is not allowed on city streets during snow emergencies. Vehicles will be ticketed.

Whether you hire a snowplowing service or do it yourself, please remember that it is illegal to blow or push snow into roadways and city medians. Also remember that city vehicles that handle snow and ice removal are emergency vehicles. Do not follow them too closely: if you can't see the truck's mirrors we can't see you.

Winter Snow & Ice Reminders

  • Ice that cannot be removed must be sprinkled with a de-icing agent or sand to prevent slippery conditions.
  • Sidewalks and ramps must be cleared again after each snowfall.
  • Sidewalks are inspected on a complaint basis.
  • If a notice of noncompliance is sent to a property owner and the work is not completed within 24 hours, we will perform the work and charge the property owner.
  • Work completed by us is charged accordingly:
    • $100 dispatch fee
    • $1 per square foot for the first 30 feet
    • $2 per square foot after the first 30 feet

Contact us with snow & ice questions or complaints.

Trash and Recycling Collection during Snow

You can help avoid problems with the collection of trash and recyclables during the winter months. Collections are done on your regular day regardless of the weather, even during snow plowing or salting. Please remember:
  • Don't place refuse carts on sidewalks - Place carts in the apron of your driveway or shovel out space next to your driveway if necessary
  • Don't place carts on snowdrifts
  • Backyard subscribers should keep a clear path at least 3.5 feet wide from the street to your garbage/recycling storage area
  • Keep carts and containers back far enough from the curb/alley to avoid being struck or buried by plows, but make sure the containers and pathways are still accessible

Wind & Storm Damage

Severe storms, windy weather, and other conditions periodically down branches and trees, which may present public obstructions or do other damage. When notified, we promptly remove such obstructions in roadways and public areas.

Please contact us immediately to notify us when such obstructions occur. Flooding and sewer back-ups may also occur from storms, and these situations should also be reported immediately.

Wind & Storm Damage Collection

Storm and wind damage debris is collected and disposed of for free after officially declared city emergencies. You can find out if such conditions exist by watching Cable Channel 25, monitoring our social media pages or contacting us. If we haven't declared an emergency, residents have two options to dispose of debris: