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Billing & Rate Information

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We issue bills quarterly in the mail around the first of the month for:

  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Storm water

Bills are due on the 20th of each month. Bills are issued to the owner or resident. If you want, the bill can be mailed to an address other than the service address.

If you have a forwarding address, contact us to add a name to the bill. The post office will not forward mail if it says "Owner or Resident."

Please call us at (414) 479-8963 to set this up.


Water bill payments are due by the bill due date. You can pay by:

  • Paying online
  • Mailing your payment using the return envelope included with the bill
  • Paying in person with cash or check at City Hall in the Treasurer’s office from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday
  • Paying any time using the 24 hour secure payment depository  located at the south-west end of City Hall by the doors marked employee entrance
  • Pay through your private bank's online bill pay. If you do this, include your account number and allow up to 5 business for processing by your bank before we receive payment. Did you know your bank cuts a check and mails it to us? We need to receive it before your bill due date.
  • Over the phone 1-844-804-5569.

If payment is taken directly out of your account by your bank, please allow enough time for processing by your bank to avoid any late payment charges.

Late Fees

  • A 1% late payment charge is applied to an outstanding balance on the 21st of each month.
  • As of September 21, unpaid balances are considered delinquent.
  • If delinquent balances are not paid by November 1, a 10% penalty is applied to the account.
  • If total delinquent balances are not paid on or before November 15, they are transferred to the property tax bill.

Water Bill Summary

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission must approve rate increases requests we make.

What are the charges on my water bill?

  • Water Service is a fixed charge based on the size of the meter at the property.
  • Water Usage is based on the quantity of water you use and the number is determined from quarterly meter readings.
  • Public Fire Protection is a fixed charge based on meter size for the use of hydrants for fire protection service. The charge recovers the cost of water for fighting fires and the extra capacity built into the system necessary to rapidly deliver a large volume of water to a fire anywhere within the municipality's water service area. These costs include a portion of the:
    • Pumps
    • Storage facilities
    • Water mains
    • Hydrants
    • An estimated quantity of water used for this purpose
  • Private Fire Protection is a fixed charge for an unmetered connection to the water main that supplies water to private fire protection systems, such as sprinkler systems or private fire hydrants.

Sewer Bill Summary

We set all local sewer rates.

What are the charges on my sewer bill?

  • Local Sewer Usage is a charge we set based on water usage for maintenance of our sanitary sewer system.
  • MMSD charges for:
    • Sewer Usage is a charge based on water usage to cover the billings for water treatment
    • Sewer Connection is a fixed charge for connection to our sanitary sewer system.
  • Storm Water Usage is a fixed charge based on the amount of impervious area (artificial surfaces, such as pavement, driveway, and roofs) on a property for maintenance of our storm sewer system.

Other Charges

  • Non-Sufficient Funds charge of $30.00 is issued when a payment rendered for utility service is returned for non-sufficient funds.
  • Special Billing charge of $30.00 is issued to cover administrative expenses whenever an existing customer or the property owner requests a special billing outside of the normal utility billing. This charge may not be assessed to a new customer.
  • Special Meter Reading charge of $50 is issued when an existing customer or the property owner requests a special meter reading on a date other than the regularly scheduled meter reading. This charge may not be assessed if the customer or the property owner provides the meter reading. This charge may not be assessed to a new customer.
  • Non-Standard Meter Service (NSM-1) is issued when a customer has service under Schedule Mg-1 and requests a non-standard meter. The charge is $47.84 per quarter.
  • Reconnection Charges (R-1) are for the reinstallation of a meter, including turning the valve at the curb stop. The charge is $50 during business hours and $75 after business hours.

Seasonal Service (Sg-1)

Seasonal customers are customers who request disconnection of water and later resume service at the same location within 12 months. We bill seasonal customers the applicable service charges under Schedule Mg-1 year round, including the period of temporary disconnection. Seasonal service includes customers taking service under Schedule Mg-1 or Schedule Ug-1. Upon reconnection, we apply a charge under Schedule R-1 and require payment of any unpaid charges under this schedule.

Hydrant Charges

Water usage over minimum volume charges is billed at Mg-1 scheduled rates.

Hydrant Permit

Minimum Volume Charge (17 ccf, 12,716 gallons) - $66
Service Charge - $50

Hydrant Permit - Hydrant Meter Use

Hydrant Meter Deposit - $250
Minimum Volume Charge (17 ccf, 12,716 gallons) - $66
Setting Charge - $50

Water Lateral Installation Charges (Cz-1)

We charge for the actual cost of installing a water service lateral from the main through the curb stop and box.

Taps up to 2" - $825
Note: We supply the corporation, curb stop, and box.

Taps larger than 2" - $560
Note: contractor supplies the approved materials. We require an approved two piece stainless steel heavy duty tapping sleeve with slip through bolts and a resilient wedge valve.

General Metered Water Service (Mg-1) Charges (Effective 7-1-19)

Quarterly Service Charges

Meter Size Charge
5/8" and 3/4" Meter $15.45
1" Meter $24.72
1 1/4" Meter $33.99
1 1/2" Meter $43.26
2" Meter $64.89
3" Meter $105.06
4" Meter $160.68
6" Meter $278.10
8" Meter $435.69
10" Meter $633.45
12" Meter $831.21

Quarterly Volume Charge

Charges are per 100 cubic feet used.

Volume Charge
First 100 Cubic Feet $3.91
Next 400 Cubic Feet $3.81
Next 500 Cubic Feet $3.40

General Unmetered Water Service (Ug-1)

Charge per billing period (17 ccf, 12,716 gal) of $66.00

Unmetered Private Fire Protection Service (Upf-1)

Connection Size Quarterly Charge
2" $15.45
3" $21.63
4" $46.35
6" $86.52
8" $120.51
10" $169.95
12" $216.30
14" $268.83
16" $339.90

Public Fire Protection Service (Fd-1)

Meter Size Quarterly Charge
5/8" and 3/4" $12.18
1" $30.90
1 1/4" $46.35
1 1/2" $61.80
2" $98.88
3" $182.31
4" $305.91
6" $608.73
8" $973.35
10" $1,461.57
12" $1,946.70

Public Service (Mpa-1)

We bill public service charges at the Schedule Mg-1 rates. These services include:

  • Sewer flushing
  • Street cleaning
  • Skating rinks

Sewer Rates (Effective 2-1-20)

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District rates include a quarterly connection charge of $9.36 for residential customers and $8.28 for all others. Flow charges are charged quarterly per 100 cubic feet at $1.9263 for residential customers and $1.7462 for all others.

Local Rates

Local rates are charged quarterly per 100 cubic feet.

Amount Charge
First 50 CCF $3.0619
Next 150 CCF $4.5929
Over 200 CCF $6.1238

Storm Water Rates (Effective 2-1-20)

Storm Water has a quarterly equivalent residential unit (ERU) charge of $32.63 per ERU.